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Eastern view is the beach in front of light green area in top right hand corner of the image. Just past Eastern View you can see the Great Ocean Road hugging the cliffs until it drops down to the water. Lorne is located in middle bottom portion of the image on the Great Ocean Road. On the close hill above Lorne you can see the fairways of the Lorne Golf club. Approximately half way down the left hand side of the image you can see the Back road into Lorne snaking down the Otway Ranges

Great Ocean Road Satellite Image
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Great Ocean Road Facts

Fairhaven to Lorne
The Great Ocean Road memorial arch is located 3.5 kilometres passed the Fairhaven Surf Life saving Club.
An unusal house mounted on a centre column is located on the right hand side of the Great Ocean Road just past the Fairhaven Surf Club.
Big Hill is located 8.4 kilometres past Fairhaven and is 95 metres above sea level. It is one of the highest points on the Great Ocean Road where it is close to the sea.
Between Fairhaven and Lorne there are some excellent lookouts including Eastern View beach ,Devils Elbow , Cinema Point and Big Hill.
Lorne is located on the Great Ocean Road and is home to approximately 1300 people.
Erskine Water Falls and Teddy's lookout are two must see features at Lorne.
Fairhaven has an excellent surf beach for experienced surfers.
Lorne surf beach is good for average surfers.
Lorne was first settled in 1849 by timber cutters exploiting the forests of the Otway Ranges.
In 1859  Lornes communication with the outside world improved with the installation of a telegraph station.
Lorne's famous Erskine House started life as the home of the Mountjoy brothers who started farming in Lorne in 1864 and converted it to a holiday hotel in 1868. Mountjoy Parade is named after these founding fathers.
Lorne's Mountjoy Parade is that part of the Great Ocean Road from Erskine river to the first hotel leaving Lorne.
The township of Lorne was established in 1871.
The Lorne pier was started in 1876 and the Lorne school was established in 1879.



Great Ocean Road Facts