Great Ocean Road Weather guide
Great Ocean Road Weather Stations
Map of Great Ocean Road weather stations

Due to the length of the Great Ocean Road  there can be significant difference between weather at differnt locations. The Australian Bureau of Meterology has weather stations located at Aires Inlet, Cape Otway, Warrnambool and Portland. Data for Cape Otway goes back approximately 140 years whilst other locations give data for 10 to 15 years. The data in the tables below is provided to help plan your tour of the Great Ocean Road based on historical weather. As a general guide the best time of the year to visit the Great Ocean Road is from last week in February to Mid April. As the Great Ocean Road fronts some of the most dangerous ocean in the world you should always be prepared for wild weather. Low pressure fronts can sweep along the Great Ocean Road from Antartica with little warning causing large temperature drops, strong winds and rain.
Aires Inlet weather dataGreat Ocean Road weather data Cape Otway

Great Ocean Road weather data WarrnamboolGreat Ocean Road weather data Portland

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